International Technical Polymer Systems, Inc. (ITPS), has developed commercialized, and on-site manufactures a design-engineered non-toxic polymeric advanced material additive for all rubber processing, plastic injection molding and extrusion applications marketed under the trade name INTEC.

ITPS, Inc. has its manufacturing facilities and corporate offices located in Niles, Ohio.

Mission Statement

With our years of experience and devotion to the field of advanced polymers, International Technical Polymer Systems, Inc. has been successful in its determination to develop products for the rubber processing, injection molding and extrusion industries. Working with the most advanced materials available along with specialized manufacturing techniques we have developed solutions to your technical and processing challenges in rubber & plastic processing. Our customers have experienced a unique process technology that provides for lower cost products. ITPS has provided its customers an improvement in manufacturing savings. Our commitment to customers has not changed now that we are in the new millennium. ITPS is ready to help you meet these new challenges. From material development through project implementation we are dedicated to assist you in exceeding your goals.


   Improves flow in all rubbers leading to improved quality.

    Works with all resin systems plus added benefits.

   Works well from compounding to profile applications, test proven.

Cycle faster, without negative effects on part quality
Improved part release
Improved flow
Improved dispersion
Improved thermal stability
Improves processing window
Improves machine efficiency
Improved dimensional stability

Mold fouling
Part line drag
Warp, sink marks
Flow lines
Material degradation
Pigment costs
Scrap rates
Gassing in pvc and other resin systems